The Invisalign Journey

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The Invisalign Journey

Yesterday was a huge cause for celebration – the last day of my invisalign treatment! I was so excited. I had started my invisalign treatment in August of 2020, and initially was told that my treatment period would be 9 months. As with many cases, when 9 months rolled around, my teeth were still not at perfection, so we kept getting more and more refinement trays. Finally, a year and a half and countless trays later, my treatment is complete! Please Visit our Specialist today. More about ourMore Information here here
It took a lot longer than expected, but I didn’t mind one bit. Ok, that’s kind of a lie…I was so anxious to have beautiful teeth, and be able to toast the New Year away, tray-free! But once I invested all this money into my teeth, I wanted it to be perfect. If that meant doubling my duration, then that’s what needed to be done.

I went to my dentist happily yesterday…I practically skipped through San Antonio to get to her office – I arrived 30 minutes early for my appointment! My Orthodontist and I spoke about options for after Invisalign. Most patients get retainers. Just like with braces, once you’re done with Invisalign doesn’t mean that your teeth won’t shift again. Whether you get braces or invisalign, you still have to hold your teeth together every day for the rest of your life unless you want them to shift back. I didn’t like the idea of having to wear a retainer every night, for the rest of my life, so I asked my dentist about other options. She wasn’t thrilled but told me about being able to bind my teeth from behind with either a metal wire bonding or a ribbon strip (I don’t recall what material this is made from, but I was told it is very strong…and expensive). Dentists usually do not tell you about this option, and sort of discouraging it, because for one, it makes teeth harder to clean, in terms of flossing. Instead of using regular floss, I now use Piksters and G-U-M Eez-Thru Floss Threaders Eez which allows for flossing despite having this bonding. I’m so happy I chose this option over retainers! I was worried that it would feel strange in my mouth – which it does, but I’m sure after a week I won’t even notice it. I have to say, it felt oddly strange to not have to run to the restroom to remove and put on my trays on before and after meals today! I LOVE IT! So make sure you speak to your dentist about all possible options upon completing invisalign!

It has been a long and expensive journey, but it was so worth it. I was always so shy about smiling in pictures. I hated my smile. Now, I smile broadly in photos! Just looking back at old photos makes me realize what a great choice I made. Not only do I have beautiful, straight pearly whites, but Invisalign has also made me establish really good oral hygiene habits. My gums and teeth coloration have never looked better. Thank you, Invisalign, for designing something that I always dreamed about when I was younger and refusing to wear metal braces, thinking that eventually, someday…someone will invent something that will straighten my teeth without anyone seeing it, and you did it! (Although my wild imagination was thinking something more along the lines of coming to a salon appointment, placing your jaw into a machine, and magic – straight teeth in minutes!). Ok…so we are not THAT technologically advanced yet, but I am grateful for the technology we do have!

I will try and post before and after pictures soon Stay tuned!

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