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Invisalign clear Braces are they your Choice

Invisalign clear Braces

Invisalign invisible braces are a great alternative to traditional braces. These are a clear plastic retainer system used to align teeth. Teens and adults especially prefer them to the metal braces. Now there is a way to correct tooth alignment without the embarrassment that can go along with traditional braces. No one needs to know you have them. san antonio orthodontics

The orthodontist will take many pictures and do a bite impression of the teeth. Both of these are used to make a 3-D model of the mouth. A simulation is then done of the way the alignment will take place over time. Finally the custom fitted plastic retainer trays are created to follow the simulation and the position the teeth should be in.

How many trays are needed depends on how much correction and what type of correction of the teeth is required. On average 18 to 30 trays are made for each person. The trays are worn for two weeks then the next tray in the series is worn another two weeks. This will be done continuously until the teeth are in the correct position. The time these are used is the same as with the metal braces. They are worn 24 hours a day unless the person is eating or the teeth are being cleaned.

When the initial trays are in place there may be some discomfort and some time needed to get used to them being in the mouth. There will not be the pain that comes with metal brackets and wires in the mouth. Wax is often needed on them to keep them from making small tears is the soft tissue. The metal braces need special cleaning. The wires require periodic tightening by the dentist. Sports becomes dangerous without a special mouth guard.

The Invisalign braces have none of the problems of the traditional braces. These are made of smooth clear plastic with nothing to cause cuts or irritation. No painful adjustments need to be made. A dental checkup will be necessary to make sure the retainers are doing their job. Unlike with metal braces these can be removed whenever it is necessary.

There are no restricted foods with the Invisalign braces. All favorite foods are still on the menu. With traditional braces popcorn and gum are off limits. With Invisalign just remove the braces before it is time to eat. Clean the teeth and then replace the tray.invisalign retainers

Cleaning the teeth is so much easier with the clear retainer trays. With metal braces there is a chance of tooth decay and discoloration. A special tooth brush is needed as well. With the possibility of food being stuck in them there is the complaint of bad breath. Since the trays with Invisalign are removable the teeth can be brushed and flossed as usual.

Realistically the Invisalign invisible braces do cost more than traditional metal braces. But most insurance companies will cover them the same as the traditional ones. The final cost is really determined by how many trays are needed. Since they are invisible being able to continue smiling as usual with complete confidence is priceless. Visit our San Antonio Orthodontist today

Apr 04

Rubber Bands for Braces | Ceramic Braces

Rubber Bands for Braces | Ceramic Braces

In correction of crocked and crowded teeth rubber bands for braces are playing important role. Those are small elastic pieces that are used to speed up process of correction of your teeth or jaw. Proper use of rubber bands can shorten period of using braces for one third of the time. It is different from case to case but one third of treatment can be up to a year. So, rubber bands for braces are very useful and important part of your treatment. At some moment of treatment your orthodontist in San Antonio will suggest you to start with the use of rubber band for braces.orthodontist san antonio He/she will explain how it is put on and you will do it your self every day, probably few times in a day. You should wear those 24 hours a day if possible. Do, some people are using them only during night. The role of rubber bands is to use their force and move your teeth in right direction. Depends of what are you trying to achieve: retracts upper teeth, retracts lower teeth, close the space between your teeth, close open bite or line up the centre of the upper and lower front teeth – the position of elastic will be different. It is up to your orthodontist to decide how you are going to use them and for how long. You should try as much as possible to follow his/her instruction.

Problem that you may face when you start the use of rubber bands for braces is that some times it want be easy to place them right. There are some small devices that can help you with it, just ask your orthodontist. Also, it is not easy to eat while wearing elastics. They are very strong – which is good for correction of your teeth – but it makes chewing of food hard. And if you do not take them of while eating, they will lose their elasticity and they can easily snap. If it snaps while in your mouth it will be painful, so be careful with that. Some food can harm rubber bands and make them weaker, so they will lose their efficiency. That is why you should change them every day. That is how you will have constant pressure on your teeth to be corrected at the maximum speed. If it happens that on one side of your jaw elastics snaps and you don`t have with you reserve one, you should take off the one that is still standing on the other side of your jaw. That is recommended because pressure should be constant all the time at all your teeth – not to have the situation that your teeth are not corrected all at the same time.orthodontics

Rubber Bands for Braces

Also, be careful with opening your mouth really wide – that can cause elastics to snap, too. All of these potential difficulties make some people using rubber bands for braces only during the night. It is much easier but the period of wearing it will be longer. How and when are you going to use rubber bands for braces is up to you, but for every decision that you make about it you should consult your orthodontist. If you follow his/hers instruction about the use of rubber bands for braces, your treatment will be shortened and your teeth and smile will be perfect in no time!
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Mar 26

Orthodontics San Antonio

San Antonio Orthodontics

appliances or the clear appliances on most patients. All these braces are bonded to the surface of the teeth but are removed when treatment is completed.

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Colored bracket ties

These are one of the newest additions to the line of orthodontic products which appeal to our patients. They are often thought of as colored braces but in fact it is the elastic tie on the bracket which has the color. The colors can be changed at each visit or mixed for a rainbow look!

Full or partial treatment plans

orthodontics san antonio

Some of our patients do not require full treatment. Instead, I can design a short term or limited treatment plan. This is usually perfect for aligning lower anterior teeth or detailing the upper arch for an improved appearance. This can be achieved with braces or with clear removable aligners.

Second Opinions

Often times an orthodontic consultation results in a choice of treatment plans or treatment

philosophies. It is always a good idea to seek a second opinion before you begin treatment. If you have any questions regarding the treatment or the timing on when treatment is appropriate, you have a responsibility to ask your orthodontist to explain everything carefully and completely. There is often more than one way to treat a case. Listen to your options and decide with your orthodontist after all your questions are answered.

Transfer cases

There are times when a patient is undergoing treatment and the need to change orthodontists arises. Usually this is due to a geographical move. We will see the patient for a “no charge” consultation to evaluate what has to be done and how much time it will take to complete. Then, after seeing the patient I can give the family an accurate fee and a payment plan. If everything is in good condition we can usually just pick up where the last orthodontist left off and finish the case.

Non-extraction treatment emphasized

Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis.. Some cases present in such a way that extractions are necessary but others may present a choice. Some orthodontists, however, have their own philosophy on how to approach treatment. I prefer to maintain all the permanent teeth whenever possible. Early treatment often makes this possible.


Every patient is given a packet of information on the day they start their braces. It includes a beeper number and the doctors home phone number. There is always someone to see you or guide you if you have a problem.

Flexible payment plans – NO DOWN PAYMENT

We offer a variety of payment plans. Each patient can discuss their needs with the office manager. A plan is agreed on before treatment is started. so you know what to expect. We offer you the option to begin your treatment with a small monthly payment instead of a large down payment. This often helps our families to start more than one child at a time.


We now have to include insurance company payments and fee schedules into your financial arrangements. This office does participate on many of the popular plans. Please call to discuss your benefits with us.