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appliances or the clear appliances on most patients. All these braces are bonded to the surface of the teeth but are removed when treatment is completed.

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Colored bracket ties

These are one of the newest additions to the line of orthodontic products which appeal to our patients. They are often thought of as colored braces but in fact it is the elastic tie on the bracket which has the color. The colors can be changed at each visit or mixed for a rainbow look!

Full or partial treatment plans

orthodontics san antonio

Some of our patients do not require full treatment. Instead, I can design a short term or limited treatment plan. This is usually perfect for aligning lower anterior teeth or detailing the upper arch for an improved appearance. This can be achieved with braces or with clear removable aligners.

Second Opinions

Often times an orthodontic consultation results in a choice of treatment plans or treatment

philosophies. It is always a good idea to seek a second opinion before you begin treatment. If you have any questions regarding the treatment or the timing on when treatment is appropriate, you have a responsibility to ask your orthodontist to explain everything carefully and completely. There is often more than one way to treat a case. Listen to your options and decide with your orthodontist after all your questions are answered.

Transfer cases

There are times when a patient is undergoing treatment and the need to change orthodontists arises. Usually this is due to a geographical move. We will see the patient for a “no charge” consultation to evaluate what has to be done and how much time it will take to complete. Then, after seeing the patient I can give the family an accurate fee and a payment plan. If everything is in good condition we can usually just pick up where the last orthodontist left off and finish the case.

Non-extraction treatment emphasized

Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis.. Some cases present in such a way that extractions are necessary but others may present a choice. Some orthodontists, however, have their own philosophy on how to approach treatment. I prefer to maintain all the permanent teeth whenever possible. Early treatment often makes this possible.


Every patient is given a packet of information on the day they start their braces. It includes a beeper number and the doctors home phone number. There is always someone to see you or guide you if you have a problem.

Flexible payment plans – NO DOWN PAYMENT

We offer a variety of payment plans. Each patient can discuss their needs with the office manager. A plan is agreed on before treatment is started. so you know what to expect. We offer you the option to begin your treatment with a small monthly payment instead of a large down payment. This often helps our families to start more than one child at a time.


We now have to include insurance company payments and fee schedules into your financial arrangements. This office does participate on many of the popular plans. Please call to discuss your benefits with us.


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BRACES MAY BE ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO CREATE a smile you love to share. Knowing this, many people still shy away from this option because they don’t want to deal with the hassle and embarrassment traditional braces can cause. At Orthodontics San Antonio we understand these could be concerns for patients of all ages.orthodontics

That’s why our doctors are proud to give you multiple options for your orthodontic care, including lingual braces.

What are lingual braces?

This great new advancement in orthodontics gives you the opportunity to have braces that attach to the inside surface of your teeth, also known as the “lingual” area. After taking a simple mold of your teeth we can design a custom plan that fits brackets on the inside, making your orthodontic care invisible to the rest of the world. For more information, a short video that explains lingual braces can be found on our website.

Are you a good candidate?

If you have previously avoided braces because you don’t want the look of that bulky metal for months, lingual braces may be your solution. Lingual braces are also good for those who can’t use our Invisalign due to plastic sensitivity. Another advantage to lingual braces is for those who play high contact sports, which make traditional bulky braces unsuitable.

What’s next?

It’s important to remember that lingual braces are not offered at all orthodontic offices. This type of system involves extra training and certification, and Drs. Gemmi and Middleberg are both confident in offering their patients this service. To find out more about lingual braces, and how they can be an option for your new smile, contact us today. With a simple consultation we can let you know how lingual braces can work for you.orthodontics

Feel free to contact us on Facebook too! Our online tools are set up to make Orthodontics Limited more accessible and helpful to you. Like our page to see more about our office, and keep up on promotions or events we have going on.

At the completion of active orthodontic treatment all braces will be removed from your mouth. At this point, the teeth have been moved to create the best possible smile and bite!
Just because the braces are not on your teeth anymore does not mean the teeth will stop moving. Teeth will always shift, causing bite changes and crowding. To prevent this shifting we ask that you wear retainers. There are several types of retainers, ones that can be glued to the back of your teeth, or ones that are removable which you can take in and out of your mouth.

When you first get your braces off you should wear your retainers all the time, except when you eat or brush your teeth. Typically, we ask you do this for the first 6 months out of braces. Dr. Spoonhower will tell you when you can reduce the amount of time that you need to wear your retainers. Usually, after the first 6 months you’ll wear your retainers after dinner and to bed (about 12 hours per day).

When you remove your retainers to brush your teeth, you should brush your retainers also. Use only cool water and a toothbrush (no toothpaste). Always store your retainers dry, never let them soak for more than 15 minutes. Be careful with colored mouthwash and mouthwash containing alcohol. These will alter the color and weaken your retainers.orthodontist san antonio

We will continue to see you for 18 months to make sure your retainers continue to fit well. For all retainer visits it is very important that you bring the retainers into the office for adjustments. Once retention visits are no longer necessary, we still recommend you wear your retainers. You may only need to wear them a fraction of the time you once did, but never stop wearing them altogether.

Remember, teeth will always shift. The only way to prevent shifting is to wear your retainers indefinitely!
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Braces Before And After Results

Braces Before And After Results

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients who are put into teeth straightening treatment that involves the use of dental braces is as to how long they will have to wait, before they can start to see the results of the treatment. orthodontics san antonio

From the question, it becomes quite clear that they are usually eager to start seeing results FAST. And it is not hard to empathize with them in that, especially when you get a little background into the whole problem.

The teeth misalignment problem, as it turns out, is one of the most distressing problems a person can have to live with in today’s highly image conscious society; where your levels of success and happiness often depend a great deal on how ‘good looking’ you are perceived as being. This is because, as we all know a person’s teeth are amongst the first thing we notice about them, when they start talking to us. And regardless of how good looking the person in question may be in other respects, as long as their teeth are ‘jutting out’ at all the wrong angles, we end up at least deducting a few points from their ‘looks’ score, if we don’t actually declare them to be ‘bad looking’ there and then.

Yet the problem doesn’t end there.

Misaligned teeth often mean that the person on whom they are resident will experience some level of speech difficulties. The mechanism via which the mouth lets out the vibrations that we know as speech is, after all, a very delicate one: one that can be affected by even the smallest of imperfections in the resonator that is the mouth. Take the teeth misalignment problem to yet one higher level, and we could be looking at difficulties in chewing, greatly compromising the quality of life for the afflicted person.

It from such a background then, that the people who are put on treatment for these teeth misalignment problems using dental braces want to know how long it will be, before they can attain the proper teeth alignment (or perfect teeth alignment, as may be the case), that they so much yearn for.orthodontists

Ultimately, how long it takes for dental braces to deliver results depends on a number of factors. It will depend, for one, on the extent of teeth misalignment problem we are looking at. If it is a minor misalignment problem, like where you have a reasonable good teeth alignment presentation, but where you are only looking to perfect it, you could be looking at as short a period of dental brace treatment. That could be as short as a single year, before you can achieve what you are looking for. If, one the other hand, it is major teeth misalignment you are trying to correct, the sort that causes chewing or speech difficulties, you may need as long as three years, before you can see results.

The duration of time you have to be on dental braces will also depend, to a considerable extent, on the type of dental braces that are employed. As it turns out, some types of braces are known to deliver faster results than others: like where studies show the invisible braces (besides being more convenient to wear) often yield faster results than the traditional metallic variety. The braces we are referring to here, if they can be strictly referred to as such, are the likes of Invisalign. With invisible dental braces, you may be looking at between a year and a year and a half, before you can get results; whereas with the traditional metallic variety, it could be up to three years before you get the same results.Cosmetic dentist san antonio

The recent years have also seen the development of some products that promise to hasten teeth realignment using dental braces, these being the likes of the so-called ‘AcceleDent.’ The most effective of these are said to hasten teeth misalignment problem by as much as 50 per cent, via the use of what their makers refer as micro-vibrations that increase the impact of the ‘pull’ forces applied by the dental braces.